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  For many years, the effectiveness of Expanded Polystyrene has been proven in numerous packaging applications used by a wide variety of industries.  Lightweight EPS is ideal for packaging applications due to its physical properties, in particular its cushioning characteristics, dimensional stability and its thermal and moisture resistance.  
  Lightweight, resilient, attractive EPS reduces packaging cost as well as product damage.  Fewer package components means smaller inventories and increased productivity on the packaging line.  Shipping costs are also reduced because of less weight.  Shock ribs can be engineered in to reduce weight/material volume, cushion and protect contents.  Non-abrasive EPS protects fine finishes and insulates package contents from temperature changes.  Expanded Polystyrene is not weakened or damaged by moisture exposure.  

Computer guided cutting systems can duplicate any line pattern with accurate, consistent, smooth cuts in Expanded Polystyrene foam sheets or blocks.  The need for expensive dies and molds can be eliminated.

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