Manufacturers of EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
Cove Sills
Versatility, cost effectiveness and lasting value give EPS insulation broad acceptance in a variety of wall constructions.

Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS)

Reduces thermal movement and stresses in wall.

Eliminates "cold spots" on interior walls.

Decreases peak demands for heating and cooling.


EPS Cored Panels

For residential, commercial or cold storage applications.

Panels available in a range of core thicknesses and densities.

Wood and / or metal skins for durability and easy maintenance.


Exterior Sheathing / Retrofit Insulation

Meets or exceeds current energy conservation design standards without increasing stud width.

Less air infiltration and heat loss through framing; slows convective looping.

Corner bracing is required for non-structural sheathing.

Foil-faced EPS with air space adds R-value; retards radiant heat floor.

Perforated foil aids breath ability.

Supplements existing insulation to counter rising fuel costs.

Easily applied during remodeling.

Use a variety of sidings or finishes.

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